With over 35 years of history, delighting generations with our handcrafted specialties.

【La Piah】

You can hardly find traditional La Piah that we used to munch on when we’re kids. It’s either not fresh or too hard to bite!

With our La Piah, we will bring you back to the old days. Every pastry is 100% freshly made, every single day.

【La Piah】 The only one in Malaysia with its own secret recipe.

【La Piah】 A traditional biscuit filled with slow-cooked mung bean fillings & wrapped with flaky pastry. A taste that transcends all generations.

Upon taking your first bite, the pastry crumbles & melts in your mouth.


Each La Piah is packed individually, ensuring 100% freshness every time.
Super convenient to bring on the go.

It's also very suitable for people of all ages.

Suitable for breakfast, lunch, or really whenever you feel like it!

Your kids can also take them to school for a quick bite.

Our grandpas love to pair it with their Kopi O, just like the olden days.

【3 La Piah flavours】

1) Original Bean Paste
2) Pandan Bean Paste
3) Orange Salted Bean Paste
Here’s 3 of the most loved flavour

Flavour Choices

Too many options to choose from and unsure which to pick?
Don't worry!
We have a special edition box which contains 3 different flavours.

Hockbee Original Bean Paste

  • 🍭 Sweetness: 47%
  • 👥 Suitable Audience: Conservative and natural food lovers
  • ❣️ 80% of people preferred

The sweetness with the natural bean aroma cooked over a slow fire, slowly melts in the mouth to the throat and then to the stomach, wow!😍

Hockbee Orange Salted Bean Paste

  • 🍭 Sweetness: 35%
  • 👥 Suitable Audience: Senior Citizen
  • ❣️ 40% of people preferred

The salty taste is a bit sweet and the orange flavor keeps appearing in your taste buds when you bite in your mouth! 😻

Hockbee Pandan Bean Paste

  • 🍭 Sweetness: 50%
  • 👥 Suitbale Audience: Foodies
  • ❣️ 60% of people preferred

When you bite it down, the Pandan flavor bursts directly into your mouth 💣 go directly to your taste and then rushes directly to your brain 😈 makes you directly seem to go to a prairie full of pandan leaves 🌳sibeh dogong!😍

Best gifts

For your families, colleagues, or buddies!

Can be given as a gift or a meeting gift

Pleasing packaging that looks generous and sincere.

【La Piah】100% natural ingredients

We only use Green beans, sugar, cooking oil, and flour. 

100% without any additives and preservatives

Not sweet at all

100% egg-free and milk-free

Suitable for vegans to consume.

【La Piah】


The average monthly sales are up to 5000 boxes

85% of customers repeat purchase

Customer Review 5⭐

Positive reviews by most of our customers

Guarantee you fall in love with it in one bite

Here are some reviews that you can refer to!

Limited Offer Set

Buy 5 boxes and get 1 box for free (you may choose the flavour for the free box)

Hockbee La Piah


The average monthly sales is up to 5000 boxes
85% of customers repeat purchase
Customer Review 5⭐


01. Limited Offer (Free 1 Box)

Buy 5 boxes Free 1 box (You may choose flavour for the free box) WhatsApp our customer service and claim your free box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the La Piah fresh?

Do not worry, we will only bake the La Piah once we receive the payment. We bake each batch daily so it remains fresh when you receive the pastries.

How many days does the La Piah reach me?

After we send the parcel out, it may take 1 to 5 days (only for West Malaysia)

Will the pastry crack while delivering?

We do face such issues but we minimize the chances by safeguarding our pastries with bubble wrap.

How long does the pastry last?

As we do not add any preservatives, it is recommended to consume it within 3 weeks.

How many pieces of La Piah in 1 box?

There are 12 pieces of La Piah in one box and it cost RM17/box.

Can we mix the flavour?

We have a “Mix and Taste” box that has all 3 flavours. Each box contains 4 pieces of each flavour which will allow you to try different flavours at one go.

Is it Vegetarian or Vegan friendly?

Yes, all our La Piah is 100% Vegetarian and Vegan.